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I am Eve

22 Feb

Thoughts on the chapter “Managing Eve” by Tom Demarco in Slack.

“She is everything that I respect in a person: irrepressibly curious, courageous, undaunted by authority.  Most of all she is intent upon personal growth, determined to fulfill not just some, but all of her promise.”

Demarco contrasts the often descripted “Fall” of Eve.  He interprets her decision to a personality trait that is commonly the heart and soul in many organizations, and a reason why such an organization runs smoothly.   He describes this personality as a quest for knowledge and disapproval of “limited growth”.

You can’t tell Eve to do something because you say it has to be done..  you can’t impose on her goals that don’t make sense to her… she will look at you like you’ve gone bonkers… If you burden her with enough tasks that seem pointless to her, she will soon be gone…  Most of all you can’t structure her work in a way that gives her no opportunity for growth.. you can no more expect her to work without meaningful challenge than you could expect her to work without salary.”

I am Eve.  I will stay hungry for more.